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3rd Radio’s Site Privacy Policy and Application Security

3RD Radio’s platforms know how important it is for you to know and be confident about the use of your personal data. Therefore, we are concerned with clarifying and disclosing our policy on the use of this information. This way, you will be able to better understand what information we obtain and how we use it. Take a few minutes of your time to read this policy and consciously and safely enjoy everything we have to offer. To ensure clear and accurate rules, these platforms may change this policy from time to time, and therefore, we recommend that you read it periodically.

This policy will let you know:

  • What information do we get;
  • What are cookies and what are they useful for;
  • How will this information be used;
  • Who collects the information;
  • With whom your information can be shared;
  • What are your choices regarding the collection, use and distribution of your information;
  • How 3rd Radio’s platforms treat your personal finance and health information;
  • Security precautions established for your protection in case of loss, misuse or alteration of your information and;
  • What else do you need to know about your Internet privacy.
  • What information do we get

3rd Radio’s platforms collect information in different ways, in different areas of these channels. Some personal information is collected when you register. During the registration process, 3rd Radio platforms ask for your name, email address and other personal information. The more accurate information you provide, the better you will be able to customize your experience and optimize it for your interactions with us.

However, it is technically impossible for users of 3rd Radio’s platforms to choose as a login to register words, expressions or denominative graphic sets that have already been chosen previously, and it is forbidden for these users to choose malsounding, injurious expressions, coinciding with third-party product or service brands, corporate names, advertising expressions, names or pseudonyms of public personalities, famous people or registered by third parties, or that do not refer to the registrant’s identity and, in general, contrary to law, order or requirements of commonly accepted morals and good customs. In addition, the use of brand names, programs, products or services owned or offered by the platforms of 3rd Radio or any of its parent companies is strictly prohibited,

Subscribers and/or users who disobey the provisions of the above paragraph may have their login canceled and blocked without prior notice and at the sole discretion of 3rd Radio’s platforms

After registering, you will be able to enjoy and enjoy the benefits of a registered user on 3rd Radio’s platforms, including participation in promotions, online events, sweepstakes and the points program.

3rd Radio’s platforms have several partners and/or sponsors, who also create sweepstakes and promotions, offering numerous goods and/or services through 3rd Radio that are accessed within these channels. The information you provide when you visit and/or complete transactions is obtained by these partners and/or sponsors and is therefore subject to their own data collection and use practices, without any responsibility for handling the 3rd Radio platforms. of such information.

For information about the privacy policies and policies of these partners and/or sponsors, we suggest that you locate the specific relationship policies within the partner’s own channel.

  • What are “cookies” and what are they used for

Cookies are small text files sent to your computer. Cookies are stored on your computer. These small files are used to recognize, track and store the user’s Internet browsing.

The use of cookies to track and store information will enable 3rd Radio’s platforms to offer a more personalized service, according to the characteristics and interests of its users, even enabling the offer of specific content and advertising for each person, benefiting the Internet user experience.

In general, cookies are used to:

  • Provide differentiated services, remembering who you are and what your browsing habits are, in addition to accessing your registration information on 3rd Radio’s platforms (stored on our servers);
  • Calculate the audience size of 3rd Radio platforms;
  • Monitor the progress of promotions. When a promotion organized by 3rd Radio’s platforms uses cookies, the information recorded in the cookie indicates the user’s score;
  • Measure certain browsing patterns by mapping which areas of O Dia’s FM platforms you visited and your overall browsing habits. We use this information to check the navigation routine of our users, and thus offer increasingly personalized content and/or services;
  • Make filling out forms easier and faster. The information contained in each user’s cookies can be used to pre-populate the data collection forms available on the Internet;
  • Advertisers, partners and/or sponsors of 3rd Radio’s platforms may use their own cookies, which are not covered by this policy. We suggest that you consult the privacy policies of these companies.
  • How will this information be used

The information collected by 3rd Radio’s platforms will be used to personalize the content and/or services made available. This includes personalization services, interactive communications and other types of services. By knowing more about you, 3rd Radio’s platforms can provide you with more relevant content and services and, consequently, provide a better online experience.

The information may also be used to generate general statistical data for informational or commercial purposes. Geographical, demographic, psychographic and usage profile information of users of 3rd Radio platforms may be provided to partners, sponsors, advertisers or other external companies, without revealing names or other navigation data.

The information collected can be used to target advertising campaigns in general, for example, in the case where an advertiser determines as the focus of a certain campaign men over 25 years old. In this case, we serve advertising to users within this age group using banners and/or promotional emails. In the registration, there may be a field for the user to choose whether or not to receive offers and/or advertising in their e-mail account, and, at any time, this option can be changed, and no advertising material will be sent while no such option is available.

Individual personal information will not be sold or provided to third parties under any circumstances, except in strict compliance with court orders or similar legal procedures. All information provided to partners, sponsors, advertisers and others will only be from user groups (market segments), except in cases of promotions carried out by 3rd Radio platforms, sponsored by other companies or carried out in partnership with other companies.

  • Who collects the information

When 3rd Radio platforms request personal information from you, that information is managed and stored internally, unless otherwise indicated. Some partners, sponsors, advertisers and others that are accessed through 3rd Radio platforms may request financial and/or personal information from you. In a case like this, this information will not be sent to 3rd Radio’s platforms, and, therefore, 3rd Radio will not have any responsibility for the use and handling of this information, and this policy will not apply.

Promotions carried out on the platforms of 3rd Radio may be sponsored by other companies or under a partnership between the platforms of 3rd Radio and one of these companies. Some or all of the data collected during a promotion may be shared with the partner and/or sponsor. Such information will appear in the Rules of the Promotion. Thus, you can choose not to participate in the promotion if you do not want your data to be shared.

Whenever you access advertisers or other Websites and Web Applications through links on 3rd Radio’s platforms, those may collect information about you. We remind you that the privacy practices of these partners and third parties are not covered by this policy and may be quite different from the privacy standards of the 3rd Radio platforms.

  • Who can your information be shared with

3rd Radio’s platforms do not disclose information that may identify you, except when authorized by you or in circumstances provided for in this policy. In some cases, this identification will be necessary if you purchase a certain product or service or win a prize whose delivery, in order to be made, requires your personal information. Disclosure of your data may still happen due to legal requirements. We may disclose your personal information under certain circumstances, listed in the following cases:

Business partners and sponsors: 3rd Radio’s platforms may disclose your personal information to certain partners, sponsors, advertisers and others. However, in these cases, you will be consulted even before the data collection or transfer takes place. Details of shared usage can be found in the specific usage agreements and also in the promotions rules. Some or all of the data collected during a promotion on 3rd Radio platforms may be shared with a sponsor. If data that could identify you is shared, you will be informed prior to the collection or transfer of data or, as informed in the rules (regulation) of the promotions.

Some promotions offer opportunities to request additional information from sponsors. By requesting more information, you give 3rd Radio’s platforms permission to transfer your personal information to the sponsor so that they can comply with your request.

Auctions: 3rd Radio DIA platforms do not have their own auction service, and, therefore, does not assume any responsibility as a result of information that you may provide to the Website and Applications that organize this type of event. We remind you that this information will not be subject to the privacy policy of 3rd Radio’s platforms.

Third-party data and aggregated data: under confidentiality agreements and other contractual instruments, 3rd Radio’s platforms may compare user information with third-party data. In addition, 3rd Radio’s platforms may publish aggregated statistics for user groups (eg 45% of our users are female) for the purpose of describing our services to likely partners, advertisers etc., as well as having in mind view other legal goals.

Others: 3rd Radio’s platforms may also disclose user information in special cases in which we have reason to believe that disclosure of this information is necessary to identify, contact or act legally against someone who may be causing harm or interfering ( intentionally or unintentionally) in the rights or ownership of the platforms of 3rd Radio, of other users of the platforms of 3rd Radio or of any person who is harmed by such activities. 3rd Radio’s platforms may disclose user information when required by law and for administrative or other purposes that we deem necessary to maintain and improve our products and services.

  • What are your options regarding the collection, use and distribution of your information

If, when registering, the option was available and you indicated that you are interested in receiving offers or information from the platforms of 3rd Radio and our partners, we may occasionally send you messages, via e-mail, about products and services that may interest you. Only the platforms of 3rd Radio (or agents working on behalf of the platforms of 3rd Radio and under confidentiality agreements) will send you these communications and only if you have indicated that you have no objection to these offers. If, when registering, this option was not available and was later included, you may, at any time, change your registration information by selecting the option to receive these communications. No communications will be sent unless you expressly choose to receive them. If you have opted to receive communications and wish to cancel and no longer receive these reports, simply change your registration information at any time by selecting the option to no longer receive these communications. Your identification and password will be required in the registration of the platforms of 3rd Radio to access your registration information.

For some types of promotions, we will ask for your email address to update you on your score, your participation and award status. When participating in this type of promotion, you automatically receive messages related to the promotion, unless you choose the no email option offered by some of them. Occasionally, these promotion-related email messages may include targeted advertisements. If a particular promotion does not offer an opt-out of emails, you may opt-out of receiving emails, but as a result, you will no longer participate in that promotion.

You also have options regarding cookies. By modifying your browsing preferences, you have the option of accepting all cookies, being notified when a cookie is sent, or rejecting all cookies. If you choose to reject all cookies, you will not be able to use some of the services on 3rd Radio platforms that require registration to participate. You will also not be able to enjoy all the benefits and facilities of a personalized experience on the Internet.

3rd Radio’s platforms do not sell user information to anyone. At the time of data collection or transfer, we will notify you if information about you is shared with third parties. Also, you will always have the option of not allowing this data to be transferred. If you do not want them to be shared, you can choose not to use a certain service or not to participate in certain promotions or contests.

  • How  3rd Radio’s platforms treat your personal finance and health information

3rd Radio’s platforms will keep your financial and health information confidential and will never commercialize such information.

Knowing your profile of usage of services and resources will help us to provide you with personalized content. However, as with all information that can identify you, we do not make this information available to third parties without your permission. Any user statistics that we may provide to potential advertisers or partners regarding the use of products or services on 3rd Radio’s platforms are provided only in aggregate and do not include any personally identifiable information on any individual user.

  • Safety precautions established for your protection in case of loss, misuse or alteration of your information

The account information of 3rd Radio platforms is password protected, so that only you have access to your personal information.

Your password is secret and we recommend that you do not reveal it to anyone. 3rd Radio platforms will not, under any circumstances, request your personal password, either by email or telephone. Also, remember to sign out of your 3rd Radio platforms account and close your browser window when you finish browsing the Internet. This ensures that other people do not have access to your personal information and correspondence if you share a computer with someone else or are using a computer in a public place such as a library or public Internet access location.

No data transmission over the Internet is 100% secure. Therefore, although 3rd Radio’s platforms always do their utmost to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee the security of all the information you provide us. It is a personal decision to use the service under these conditions.

  • What else do you need to know about your privacy online

Ultimately, you are responsible for maintaining your privacy and the confidentiality of your passwords and/or personal information.

Therefore, we recommend:

  • Inform yourself: when accessing the Internet, always look for the privacy policy/statement of the platforms you are accessing.
  • Tell your kids not to share their password with strangers. Teach them not to give out any personal information, including their names, and tell them never to fill out online forms without first asking your permission.
  • Use complex passwords. Simple passwords are easy to crack. Use complex passwords of very long combinations of letters and numbers that require unusual keyboard combinations.
  • Never give your password to anyone online. Only provide your password when making purchases in person. If your password was provided, change it immediately.
  • Personal ads and chat rooms are in the public domain. Any information you make available in chat rooms, forums or personal advertisements will be available to anyone with access to those locations. We suggest that you avoid including information that allows people to find you, such as your telephone number or mailing address.
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